Weekly Tournament Play

Tournament Days

Tournaments may be played on Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday and must be played with another member of the OHWGA. Wednesdays are the only day where the Association has blocked tee times. Also, non-resident members playing on Wednesdays will be charged resident rates (not senior resident rates).

Each participant is responsible for knowing how a tournament is played. If a participant plays incorrectly, she will be disqualified. If there are any questions about how a tournament is played, call a tournament committee member before playing. The rules for each tournament are described in this handbook.

Once pairings have been established, any changes must be pre-approved by the pairer, or the person(s) making the unapproved changes will be disqualified from the tournament. However, in the event of inclement weather, those players paired together may elect to move to another scheduled tournament day. If there is inclement weather on a Wednesday, only those players who were paired and scheduled to play on that day, may elect to play on the following Thursday, rather than the following Saturday or Sunday. .

Tournament Sheet

Each player must sign up on the tournament sheet before teeing off or immediately following play. If she has not signed up before teeing off, she must announce her intention to participate in the tournament to the others in her pairing. Once a player has started the tournament round, she may not withdraw and elect to play on a different day, although she may elect to withdraw from the tournament and play for handicap.

Interpretation Of Rules Of Golf

The Club Pro, Ed Ruiz, will have sole responsibility for interpreting the rules of golf and resolving any rules disputes during our tournaments. All questions should be brought to his attention. No one else can make a rules decision. If a situation occurs during play where the player is unsure of the proper rule, she must post her score, indicate that a ruling is required and notify him immediately following play.

If you are doubtful as to your rights on procedure, you may play a second ball. This may be done when there is disagreement as to the proper way to proceed in the situation. You may announce that you will play a second ball, and use the score on that ball if the rule permits. You may then play both balls and record the appropriate score when the issue is resolved by Ed Ruiz.

Sign up Procedure for Tee Times and Tournaments


In order to be eligible to participate in Tuesday, Saturday or Sunday tournaments, players must sign up for play on the posted pairing sheet, and must be paired by the designated pairer/scorer for that tournament.

The sign-up sheet will be picked up 11 days before the tournament starts on Tuesday. The pairer will then make pairings from the sheet and a captain for each group will be chosen and notified by phone or email. The captain will be responsible for arranging a tee time using one of the following methods: telephone (203) 838-0303, Ext 2, at www.oakhillsgc.com, or at the kiosk in the Pro Shop. She must then notify her group. Tee times may be made seven (7) days in advance of the day of play, as early as 5:30 am for phone, online and kiosk reservations.

Individuals posting tournament scores without having been paired by the official pairer will be disqualified. If a player wants to join a tournament after the signup deadline, she must call the pairer and asked to be added. The pairer will add the player if there is available space and the tee time for that slot has not yet been purchased by an outside party. The player is then responsible for calling the captain to be added to the group.


In order to sign up for play on Wednesdays, (our only day with blocked tee times) players must be registered on Golf Genius (GG). All members will be automatically added to GG at the time they elect to join OHWGA.

On the Tuesday preceding each tournament, players will receive an email via Golf Genius asking about the player’s intention to play on the following Wednesday. This is only for Wednesday play. Players must reply to the email by clicking on “Playing” or “Not Playing”. The tee sheet will then be sent on Sunday. Players should make a note of their reply, along with the tournament date, to avoid confusion.

In the event of changes or late signups, you must contact one of the three GG administrators, Maria Nunley (203-299-1767), Kathy Jimenez (203-451-0689) or Nancy Usic ((203-897-1722). The GG administrator responsible for each tournament are listed in the Handbook. Their responsibilities are for GG pairings and tee times only. Scoring for the tournaments will be done by the person designated for that tournament in the Handbook. The administrators can accommodate small changes once the tee sheet has been sent but players should be judicious in making such requests.

If, after signing up to play on a Wednesday, you find that you cannot play after the tee sheet has been sent out, in addition to notifying one of the administrators shown above, you must also notify the course to avoid being charged for the tee time as a no-show.


When playing in a tournament, two scorecards are kept: a tournament card and a handicap card. Score should be announced to the group, and agreement secured prior to teeing off on the next hole.  Both cards must be signed and attested.  Tournament cards must be attested by an association member. First and last names must appear legibly on cards for all participants.

Tournament Card

A tournament card is kept for the tournament of the week. Post the score on the tournament sheet. The tournament descriptions in this Handbook include posting instructions. Write “T” for tournament in the corner of the card and drop it in the Tournament box. If there is a discrepancy between the score posted on the tournament sheet and the tournament card, the score on the card will prevail.  If there is no tournament card in the tournament box when the scorer picks them up at the end of the tournament, the player(s) will be disqualified.

Handicap Card

Players should adjust handicap card in accordance with the new handicapping rules shown on Page 12 of the Handbbook. Adjust handicap card based on actual course handicap, not limited to tournament maximum of 45. Write “H” for handicap on the card and put it in the Handicap box.


Scramble Tournaments - Handicapping

In the event teams in a scramble format tournament cannot be made equal based on those signing up for the tournament, handicap strokes will be assigned to each team based on their aggregate handicap to insure fairness. The method used to assign handicaps is: 2-person team- add handicaps together and divide by 4; 3-person team – add   handicaps together and divide by 6; 4-person team – add handicaps together and divide by 8. The resulting number will be subtracted from the team score for the net result.


Handicaps in effect for all players will be as close as practical to the start of the tournament, unless specified otherwise in the tournament description. The handicap listing will be posted by the start of each tournament showing the course handicaps to be used for that tournament, and will remain the same for that tournament regardless of any subsequent changes to the handicap.

Ties and Scoring

In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined by a match of cards in accordance with USGA Rules of Golf.

Match of cards:

In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined on the basis of the best score for the last nine holes.  If the tying players have the same score for the last nine, the winner is then determined on the basis of the last six, last three and finally the 18th hole.  In handicap stroke play competition, one-half, one-third, one-sixth, etc. of the handicaps will be deducted. If this procedure does not produce a winner, the match shall be considered a tie and the prize for those places will be added together and evenly split between the players.

For Criers and Hate ’Em tournaments where scores are changed to par, all such holes will be eliminated from tie-breaking calculations. The appropriate percent of handicap will be applied based on the number of remaining holes. For example, the back nine crier holes for Player A are 10 and 15 while Player B’s is 14. All three holes are eliminated for each player and the actual scores are totaled on the remaining six holes. Since six holes are one-third of a full round, each player will then have one-third of her handicap deducted from the six-hole total. If player A’s handicap is 20, her six-hole total is reduced by 7 shots (20 divided by 2, times 6/9).

Anyone qualifying for both gross and net prizes will be awarded only one prize.


Ringers are an accumulation of your best scores, hole by hole, during regular tournament play and our special tournaments (Member/Member and President’s Cup) at Oak Hills for the entire season.

Ringers are not allowed if there is a temporary green or a temporary tee box.

The Ringer Sheets are maintained by the Ringer Sheet Chairperson and are posted on the bulletin board. The Ringer Sheet Chairperson will verify the ringers and update the ringer computer sheets. The ringer sheets will be updated as deemed necessary. An annual award for ringers will be given for the first three places for both gross and net. The same player may not win both gross and net. The handicaps that are used to determine the net ringers are:

Members in good standing:

Previous season ending handicap or opening season handicap if member played “away” during winter months

New members with handicap:

Verified handicap at time of membership.

New members without handicap:

Handicap established after first three scores.

Temporary Greens

If during tournament play you encounter temporary greens, you are entitled to a maximum of two putts once your ball is on the temporary green.  However, you are not eligible for ringers or birdies.

Course Aeration

If the course has scheduled the aeration of greens and/or fairways during a particular tournament, the committee will substitute a stroke play tournament in its place.  However, if substitution is not possible due to timing or other circumstances, and play must be twice on the same nine, use the following procedure for tournament scoring only: if play is on the front nine twice, add one stroke to your final score, and if play is on the back nine twice, deduct one stroke from your final score.  However, for handicap posting, follow the procedure for posting two separate nine hole scores.

Sunshine Committee

When appropriate, a fellow member shall receive a card in the mail expressing get well, concern, or congratulations from OHWGA. In the event a member, or a member’s spouse or significant other passes away, the board will determine what is the appropriate tribute. It is the collective responsibility of the members of the Association to let the Sunshine Chairperson know when a fellow member should receive a card (or more). The Sunshine Chairperson’s name and phone number here. The Sunshine Chairperson will advise the President or the Membership Chairperson so the membership may be advised.