Club Championship

The Club Championship is two days of stroke play for ALL flights. The championship will be played on Tuesday, August 13th and Wednesday, August 14th, with the following Tuesday or Wednesday reserved for the rain date.

This will be a gross only tournament, and prizes will be given to: Club Champion (the player with the lowest score for the tournament, regardless of flight), “A” flight winner, “B” flight winner, “C” flight winner and “D” flight winner.” In case of ties, players will continue to play in “sudden death” format until a winner is determined.

Flights are based on handicaps as follows:

A Flight: 0-18
B Flight: 19-24
C Flight: 25-30
D Flight: 31 and higher

There must be a minimum of two players in each flight. Determination of flights may need to be adjusted based on the number of participants and their handicaps within each group.

The Tournament Committee Chairperson will make the pairings for all players for the first round according to handicap within flights. The final round of pairings will be based on standings within each flight.

In order to be eligible to compete in the Club Championship, each player must have submitted five scores from tournament play at Oak Hills. SCWGA and SNEWGA tournaments do not count toward the five required scores.

A player may not withdraw in the middle of a club championship round without good cause. When you sign up to play you must commit to the two-day tournament and the rain date. Any player who withdraws will be disqualified from competing in the Club Championship the following year.

In the event of rain, the tournament chairperson will make the decision to reschedule to the designated rain date, and she will notify all participants.